The First Ever Bedroom Athletics Spring Summer Collection Has Arrived!

Bedroom Athletics Spring Slipper Collection

Bedroom Athletics Spring Slipper Collection

Coming to a bedroom near you!

For the 1st time EVER Bedroom Athletics have produced a Spring Summer Slipper collection. We live in a climate that cannot make up its mind, the weather is becoming more and more extreme, it changes every single day, and the seasons are all backward. It’s sweltering in autumn and snowing in spring!

This year Bedroom Athletics are tackling this dilemma and have produced a range which is light but comfortable, luxurious but affordable, and keep you warm in the summer breeze but don’t melt your feet in the rare British sun.

So go and check out our new Elizabeth and Victoria, Edward and Charles slippers providing the quality and experience of Harris Tweed into your spring. Or how about the new Avril and Luther ankle slipper boots, made from light but sturdy nept jersey; perfect to keep your toes warm on that brisk spring morning.

So please, we welcome you to get as excited as we are about this new collection and head over to … go on … check out our new collection and treat yourself to a new pair of Spring Slippers!

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