New Bedroom Athletics Tote Bags

New Bedroom Athletics Tote Bags

Quick and Easy 😉 keep it in your bag/pocket … you never know when you might need it. Also, comes free when you purchase an item of clothing. Get yours today!

New Slipper Name Competition – Enter Now!

Competition like no other! Name a slipper #competition ends 30th November. Retweet and Reply to this post to enter! — Bedroom Athletics (@Bedroom_Ath) November 11, 2013

Spreading the word of fun, comfortable affordable slippers


Bedroom Athletics continues to spread the word of fun, comfortable affordable slippers for Men and Woman with our continued growth on the International arena.

We are now represented in 34 countries, including the UK, Canada, Japan, Italy, Holland, Spain, S Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Africa, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Germany,  Hungary, Romania , Czech Republic to name just a few.

In addition to these countries we are delighted to announce our launch in the USA, this 2013.

Our brand will be available on an exclusive basis in Nordsrom’s probably the best department store environment in the USA and the best possible on line partner Zappos, in conjunction with these two fantastic partners we will also be available in good independent retailers. We are on target to launch the USA website inside 2 weeks, so watch this space!

Our most successful market outside of the UK for those of you who are interested is Japan, these guys have been able to position the brand in some of the best retailers including the best departments store across the country!

More to follow, as always please feel free to contact us with any questions about the brand or our continued International expansion!

Author: David Goulding – Commercial Director

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The New AW13 Collection – Available NOW!

The New AW13 Collection – Available NOW!

Hello and welcome to another amazing collection from Bedroom Athletics. This year we have gone all out in style and fashion, bringing you the highest quality, luxury slippers for both men and women. Ones to watch include: the gorgeous Marilyn … Continue reading



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Style Sin #3 – Socks With Sandals

Style Sin #3 – Socks With Sandals

The age old style that sends a shiver down every fashion designers spine. If you want to look like a 50+ American tourist then be my guest, embrace the look. But if you are the other 99% of the population … Continue reading



It’s that time of year again where everything seems a little colder, a little darker and a lot wetter. But not to worry because our new Autumn/Winter 2013 range is on its way. So stay tuned and prepare to #treatyourfeet … Continue reading


Bedroom Athletics #tagoftheday is … #TeachSomething … Tomorrow 05/10 is #WorldTeacherDay so prepare a lesson! Whether its #teaching how to #HandStand, or something extremely complicated like what is a HASHTAG! Just impart wisdom in whatever shape or form you wish.Teach

An unusual Fashion behind the scenes #PFW

Beautiful Hair Amazing Styles

I love green inspiration

ilovegreeninspiration_cr_fashion_book_chanel   Photography Daniella Rech

Drawn, kidnapped, literally magnetized from the nebula and whimsical vibe of these shots. In full colors, even if those seem black & white. In perfect focus, but those seem blurry. It’s “the behind the scenes” before runaway. One of the most influential Fashion Maison. Not today. But of the history of fashion. From the little woman who created it. Yesterday. Ambitious, stubborn, determined. Till the man who is running it. Now. Eclectic, creative, mysterious. From Coco. To Karl. A behind the scenes found at CRfashionbook


Attirata, catturata, letteralmente magnetizzata dall’aria nebulosa e mistica di questi scatti. A colori, ma sembrano in bianco e nero. Perfettamente a fuoco, ma sembrano sfuocate. E’ il dietro le scene prima di una sfilata. Di quella casa di moda che ha la storia della moda. Dalla piccola donna che l’ha creata. Ieri. Ambiziosa, testarda, determinata. All’uomo che la guida. Oggi…

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New AW13 Womens Marilyn Slipper Boots

New AW13 Womens Marilyn Slipper Boots

She’s already a fashion icon – a deep, lusciously soft slipper boot that your feet will fall in love with.  You’ll extra-love the A/W shades of our legendary Marilyn – how about scrumptious gingerbread, chic colonial blue, or gorgeous dark … Continue reading