Harris Tweed and Bedroom Athletics


From the land of the Outer Hebrides and “Through the Generations” they came,

Tweed in hand and the roar of 100 years’ experience followed.

Silent as the wind and powerful as a wave, they made their way through the dusky baron land of the Welsh mountains.

They battled day and night, braving harsh conditions and suicidal mountain ranges.

The weather was as indecisive as a child in a sweet shop.

Hope was almost lost; the stench of defeat circled them from above like hungry vultures.

A rumble beckoned, a shadow appeared from a hill in the distance.

There they were … angels? … Heroes? … No!

It was the calming, warming, gentle yet powerfully reassuring, helping hand of Bedroom Athletics.

A brotherhood started that day.

We are here today to bring you the collaboration of that brotherhood between two British brands, radiating Patriotism and providing you with an overwhelmingly luxurious product that takes the word ‘Quality’ to extremities.

New Bedroom Athletics Mens and Women’s Harris Tweed Range!

Get yours now.


Author: David Grenfell – Digital Marketing Assistant

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